John Parks Trowbridge M. D., FACAM

John Parks Trowbridge M. D., FACAM

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John Parks Trowbridge M. D., FACAM

Best-Selling Author – Internationally Recognized Leader and Speaker
Innovative Integrative Medicine Specialist

            Dr. John Parks Trowbridge indulged his many talents in junior high school by winning second place in Latin Derivatives at Texas State competition and third place in mechanical drawing as well.  He earned the rank of Eagle Scout while at Richfield High School (Waco, Texas), where he lettered in Speech and was selected for the National Science Foundation (NSF) Special Program in Biology at the University of Texas (Austin).  His unique summer research project earned science fair recognition for bringing a new myxomycete (“slime mold”) species into pure culture – a nice reward for countless hours in the “sweat box” clean room peering through a microscope and “looping” those guys.  Not exactly an athlete (!), he created the post of “game statistician,” providing play-assessment to the coach of the Rams district-winning 5A basketball team.  A bit of an eclectic, he served as the planetarium assistant (really!).  A fledgling politician, he resoundingly lost his bid for student body president.  As an aside, he worked for KTBC radio (owned by the Lyndon B. Johnson family), doing colorful reporting (as “John Randolph”) when Austin football teams played in Waco.

The future physician attended preeminent Stanford University as a National Merit Scholar and California State Scholar, concentrating on Humanities Special Studies and graduating in 1970 with an A. B. degree in Biological Sciences.  While an undergraduate, he worked half-time in the department of medical microbiology (also later, immunology) for 3 years, chaired by one of the principal leaders discovering delayed immune responses, Sidney Raffel, Sc.D., M.D., and undertook graduate studies in immunology in 1968 - 69.  One of his research directors was George F. Solomon, M.D., who wrote the first paper on “psychoneuroimmunobiology”:  “mind and body are inseparable” – now known as mind-body medicine.  Working with the rabbit colony and horseshoe crabs, Trowbridge assisted primary research studies of Alfred A. Amkraut, Ph.D., whose investigations advanced basic understandings of antibody formation.  Inspiring professors included Nobel Laureates Paul Berg (Chemistry), Arthur Kornberg (Medicine), Arthur L. Schawlow (Physics), and Joshua Lederberg (Medicine), and more who were elected into the National Academy of Sciences.

Not to say that Stanford experiences were exciting but … a spectacular course on the biochemical origins of life taught by Cyril Ponnamperuma, Ph.D., one of NASA’s pioneering scientists, gave the unique opportunity to be among the first ground-pounding humans to see rocks just returned on the first flight “from” the moon.  In contrast, biology professor Paul Erhlich, Ph.D., wrote the 1964 exposé, Population Bomb, suggesting that uncontrolled planning across the globe could mean we might need plans to leave it!  Biology research professor Dow O. Woodward, Ph.D., established fundamental principles of molecular biology … and his unselfish counsel on many topics over 3 years ignited Trowbridge’s continuing enthusiasm for cellular physiology.  

Professors in the Humanities Special Programs indulged his interest in creative writing to hone skills to communicate complex ideas in logical, simple ways.  Exploring his talents, he produced a major junior dissertation:  The Creative Synthesis Process in Art and Science.  Trowbridge joined the on-campus chapter of ??, founded in 1890 (the year before Stanford emerged) first as a professional law student fraternity.  Delta Chi has always been the geek Greek house whose alumni across the nation go on to senior positions in education, business, government and military, sports, the arts, and entertainment (actor Ashton Kutcher, actor/producer Kevin Costner).  Years spent down on “The Farm” (Stanford’s nickname, originally the stables for Senator Stanford’s racing steeds) were so enthralling that he, like many others, would have remained for a heavenly lifetime:  the wrought-iron entry arch (before the 1906 earthquake) reportedly read “With apologies to God.”

Dr. Trowbridge’s first book, Coagulation Studies Training Manual:  A Syllabus for the Student, presented a unique approach for learning physiology of coagulation and logical integration of laboratory reports and was published privately in 1971.  Training in medical laboratory technology (as a “med tech”), he was certified by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists (A.S.C.P.) and California State.  Ever striving to improve patient care services, Trowbridge’s first cover-featured published article, “A Stat-Lab Kit for Hospital Emergency Use,” appeared in the January 1974 issue of Laboratory Medicine (published by ASCP).

After serving as night laboratory director – completing tests, quality control, supporting the emergency room – at the Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Redwood City, California, he settled in Cleveland, Ohio, to attend the School of Medicine at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), one of the nation’s largest biomedical research centers and pioneer of the most innovative medical curriculum, blending basic and clinical sciences.  [The School has 11,000 academic staff to inspire just 1,200 soon-to-be doctors.]  That first week, he met his “first patient,” a pregnant woman; soon, she successfully delivered his “second patient,” a baby boy for whom Trowbridge was his first pediatrician.  He so much enjoyed the student clinic that he took on the baby and family of one of his fellow students who diverted to complete Ph.D. studies for a couple of years.  One of his close mentors was neonatal pediatric professor John H. Kennel, M.D., who documented the connection of maternal bonding to infant survival.  

Obstetrics was a frustrating rotation: every delivering woman produced a baby on the next 24-hour shift!  Trowbridge was taken under the wing of the chief resident … and skillfully extracted 5 babies with the “silver skates” (forceps).  (His very first “natural spontaneous delivery” suddenly arose when an obstetrician was unavailable while he was staffing the hospital emergency room in his early months of practice in Humble, Texas!)   Trowbridge so enjoyed clinical management that he worked for 2 years as a volunteer in the “free clinic” under the tutelage of his talented physical diagnosis instructor, Peter Cubberley, M.D., a Kaiser Permanente attending.  His chief of medicine was Charles C.J. Carpenter, M.D., who developed oral replacement solutions to save patients who otherwise would die from extreme diarrhea such as cholera.  His experience in immunology proved personally valuable when, after his fourth bout of severe infectious mononucleosis (EBV, Epstein-Barr Virus), he developed a program to avoid any further recurrences.

His clerkship director in surgery was Richard Jones, M.D., who with Frederick Cross, M.D., invented one of the early artificial heart valves.  Professor Cross pioneered the first heart-lung machine to pump blood during open heart operations.  A bit stupidly, Trowbridge told Dr. Jones, on the morning of starting the rotation, “I’m going to be a ‘medicine man’ and 8 weeks of surgery is about 8 weeks too long – but I’m willing to learn what you do, so I can better refer patients properly.”  He fell in love with operating during the first week and realized he should train as a surgeon.  Ironically, Dr. Jones chose Trowbridge to work directly with the chief resident to attend to the cardiovascular surgery service for the last half of the clerkship!  Oscar D. Ratnoff, M.D., who discovered Factor XII in the blood coagulation pathway (see above), was one of his advisors. 

Dr. Trowbridge received the M.D. degree in 1976.  Other clerkships included internal medicine studies at the U.S. Public Health Service Hospital (PHS, San Francisco, California), a world-referral center for leprosy, and the Montefiore Hospital and Medical Center (The Bronx, New York) Department of Radiology, with radiologist-in-chief Harold G. Jacobson, M.D., 1978 Gold Medalist of the American College of Radiology, author of foundational books and an early giant of radiology.  While performing a MEDLINES computer search at the National Library of Medicine – during his clerkship at the National Institutes of Health (NIH – Bethesda, Maryland) in Hematology/Oncology – Trowbridge was relieved when a gentlemen offered to help.  And help he did!  “Can you teach me how to search like that?”  “Yes, certainly; I wrote the program.”  One fascinating experience at NIH was learning to manage complicated diabetics, evaluating one of the very first to have started using insulin – in 1931!  Before departing for post-graduate training, Trowbridge said most emphatically:  “Medical training has been so fascinating that I would remain a student here for the rest of my life, if only they would pay me.”

Serving as the first National At-Large Trustee for the American Medical Student Association (AMSA), travel to medical board meetings around the country help to create a forefront awareness of the advancing generation of practitioners.  In 1974, Dr. Trowbridge received a Special Commendation issued jointly by the Boards of Trustees of the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine (OCPM) and the American Podiatry Students Association (APSA) for efforts leading to formation of a formal liaison between the respective student organizations.  He was privileged to present a keynote address the House of Delegates of the American Podiatry Association (APA) in 1975, “Podiatry and the Patient Care Team” (published later in the Journal of the APA), where they presented their Special Resolution of Commendation for sponsoring closer inter-professional relationships:
“Whereas, improved relationships between allopathic and podiatric medicine are important to the advancement of both professions .... Resolved, that this House of Delegates honor John Parks Trowbridge as truly an outstanding individual and true friend of podiatric medicine.”
In 1976, as his medical schooling was concluding, the APA and APSA Boards of Trustees jointly presented a Special Professional Service Citation: 
“For humanistic sensitivity and awareness ... for intuitive vision ... for integrity, perseverance and fortitude ... and for commitment to both allopathic and podiatric medicine.”  
He was honored in 1976 with a unique one-week podiatry clerkship under the tutelage of Tedi H. Clarke, D.P.M., president of the APA.  Quiet encouragement of confidential negotiations between the trustees of the APA and the American Medical Association (AMA) led to podiatric surgeons finally gaining privileges to hospital operating rooms by 1979.

In 1974 - 75, he served as Student Publisher for The New Physician journal of AMSA, circulated to 85,000 physicians-in-training.  As a Student Associate in the Division of Research in Medical Education (DORIME), he wrote and produced – with Jerome Liebman, M.D., later a recipient of the “Founders Award in pediatric cardiology” of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and noted pediatric cardiopathologist, Eugene V. D. Perrin, M.D. – a series of 12 color videos, “A Field Guide to the Anatomy of the Congenitally Malformed Heart,” still used in teaching medical students around the world.  In his senior year, Dr. Trowbridge presented an invited lecture, “Buddy, Can You Spare Some Change,” to “The Changing Health Care Team … Improving Effectiveness,” the Third Annual Hawaii Conference on Advances in Patient Care in Kauai, unveiling a new theory of nursing practice he titled “Patient Management Nursing.”  [Present Nurse Practitioners easily fill that role!]  Unique experiences included hosting a video with Al Varner, M.D., medical director of The Upjohn Company, on the ethics of medical experimentation with prison populations, for which he also testified before the Judicial Council of the American Medical Association.

A general surgery internship (PGY-1; 1976 - 77) at Mt. Zion Hospital and Medical Center in San Francisco (now a training unit of the University of California) included a “baptism of fire” rotation at the famed Level-1 Trauma Center at Mission Emergency of San Francisco General.  Among the several superior Mt. Zion attending surgeons, Milton J. Pearl, M.D., his chief of surgery, was recognized “out West” for his expertise in complex and hazardous neck operations, a territory they visited frequently.  Trowbridge then studied urological surgery (PGY-2 and -3) at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center in the legendary Texas Medical Center (at Hermann Hospital, Shriners Hospital for Children, and MD Anderson Cancer Center) in Houston, largest medical center in the world.  Stanley J. Dudrick, M.D., “The Father of Intravenous Feeding” that has saved countless lives, was his chief of surgery; renowned James H. “Red” Duke, Jr., M.D., who introduced Life Flight as the second air medical program in the United States, was another of his surgery professors; Joseph N. Corriere, Jr., M.D., acclaimed pediatric specialist and later president of the American Urological Association, served as his esteemed chief of urology.  Dr. Trowbridge scored in the top 14% of first year urology residents, and the U.T. resident group placed 5th out of 162 programs nationwide.  

In 1978, Dr. Trowbridge came to the realization that his training and approach to care often led to changing treatment programs devised by other physicians – in the real world outside the university setting, that would mean “no referrals”!  So he departed surgical training to start a general medical practice in Humble, a northeast suburb of Houston, Texas.  Always curious, he expanded into industrial medicine, soon serving the needs of 53 light- and heavy-manufacturing companies, for pre-employment determinations, on-the-job injuries, even toxic chemical exposures. From 1980 through 1982, Dr. Trowbridge was the Chief Medical Consultant for Texas International Airlines, which bought and merged into Continental Airlines (now United Airlines).  From 1980 through 1995, he served as an Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  The last 12 years of service were as one of 3,000 Senior AMEs, working closely with and certifying commercial airline pilots. 

By 1981, Dr. Trowbridge was turning to the intensive study of how nutritional changes – with supplements and diet – could dramatically improve patients with chronic degenerative diseases ... the ones for which operations provide little relief, for which more and more medications are needed over the years, illnesses and treatments that finally kill after long suffering without effective answers in traditional (conventional) medical practice.  From 1981 through 1991, he delivered several hundred scheduled lectures with Q&A sessions at the Resource Center for Nutrition & Health, a free adult-learning “community classroom” he sponsored in downtown Humble.

Textbooks in nutritional medicine were rare, so Dr. Trowbridge spent dozens of weekends “importing experts” or flying to their clinics, literally “learning at the knee” of clinical specialists willing to share their “school of hard knocks” expertise.  In 1985, he earned a Diplomate in Preventive Medicine from the Medical Research Institute of the Florida Institute of Technology (Melbourne) for masters-level graduate studies in nutrition.  Dr. Trowbridge became certified in 1985 as a specialist in the diagnosis and removal of toxic heavy metals by the American Board of Chelation Therapy (ABCT certificate #81; which later became the American Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology, later a Section of ICIM, see below).  In 1993, he was certified as a specialist in treating joint degeneration/injuries by the (now defunct) American Board of Biologic Reconstructive Therapy (arthritis and pain medicine; ABBRT certificate #31963).  He was selected as an examiner for each board.  In 2006, he was elected a Director and then Secretary of the American Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology (ABCMT), through its dissolution in 2016. 

Encouraged by his medical-political activism in medical school, Dr. Trowbridge enthusiastically rose to leadership positions in “alternative/complementary/integrative medicine” organizations.  As a long-term program chair, he was privileged to dine 3 times with Linus Pauling, Ph.D., Stanford emeritus professor of chemistry, long after his retirement.  How to introduce to an audience of doctors a research scientist of such stature (rated in 2000 as the 16th most important scientist in history), who founded the fields of quantum chemistry and molecular biology (see above), and who defined the scope of orthomolecular medicine and megavitamin therapy:
“At any one time, 100 men and women are seated in the United States Senate and just a few are living in retirement.  Twelve men have walked on the moon.  Only one has received two unshared Nobel Prizes.  I give you … Professor Linus Pauling.”
His volunteer efforts were rewarded by dining and befriending celebrities such as political activist Ralph Nader; influential editor Norman Cousins, whose preoccupation with human emotions and health led to his recovery from dire illness, documented in his book Anatomy of an Illness; medical innovator/professor Denham Harman, M.D., Ph.D., whose research described illness and aging as biochemical injury from attack by free radicals (oxidation – hence, antioxidants as effective “treatments”); close friendship with best-selling author and leading cardiologist Robert C. Atkins, M.D., whose low carb/high protein diet has been found to be one of the best “treatments” for diabetes and other degenerative diseases; among many others joyfully recalled.  Dr. Atkins endorsed Dr. Trowbridge’s “Phase I – MEVY” diet (Meats-Eggs-Vegetables-Yogurt) explained in The Yeast Syndrome book. 

Another highlight was working with Henry J. Heimlich, M.D., chest surgeon who invented the anti-choking abdominal-thrust maneuver bearing his name.  “Hank” actually taught him how to do it right, even though he had already known it for years.  In 1995, when Dr. Trowbridge was president of the society sponsoring research projects (see IRB below), he was privileged to make the public announcement that immediate critical use of the Heimlich Maneuver® by the company providing lifeguards to 43 million Americans at public pools that summer … saved every victim.  In 90 per cent of the cases where the lifeguard performed abdominal-thrusts as soon as reaching the surface, the “drowning” person was already breathing on his own before being lifted ashore for CPR . . . which was no longer needed.  Dr. Trowbridge’s letter asking endorsement of the American Medical Association … was rebuked.  The American Red Cross still discourages “the Heimlich” in favor of less successful “CPR” they teach – and they still endorse “back slaps” first for choking victims, long ago dismissed by the American Heart Association.  [ Yes, Dr. Trowbridge is forever grateful to have used the Heimlich Maneuver® to save a life – that of his younger daughter.  His friend Hank also “joined the club” of lifesavers, rescuing a choking victim at his senior residence just months before he died at age 96. ]

The International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine (IABDM) elected Dr. Trowbridge a Director in 2007; he became the first physician President in 2009.  He later passed the written certification test, qualifying as a “Biological Dentist” – except, of course, for the dental procedures!   In 2014, he was appointed “Biological Medicine Advisor to the Board” of IABDM.  He was elected as a Director and later a senior Officer of the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM, 1984 - 91) and was awarded highest recognition as a Fellow of the College (FACAM) in 1990.  From 1988 through 1991, he chaired the application committee that secured certification from the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME), enabling ACAM for the first time to award AMA Category I credits for courses providing training in integrative medicine.

            Dr. Trowbridge was elected Chairman of the Board of Governors of the National Health Federation (NHF) in 1989, overseeing the restoration of financial stability to allow more aggressive public education and health-promotion efforts.  He was elected President of the Great Lakes College of Clinical Medicine (GLCCM, now ICIM) for 1994 - 95.  From 1996 through 1998, Dr. Trowbridge was Program Chair and Senior Faculty for the advanced chelation training seminars in “Heavy Metal Toxicology: Diagnosis and Treatment.”  He continues to lecture at the advanced training since becoming a Founding Faculty member in 1993, at the basic training sponsored by ACAM through the 1980s and ’90s, and at office technician training programs all along.  Since 1987, he is a named co-investigator through the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Department of Energy, Oak Ridge Associated Universities, Oak Ridge, Tennessee) on Investigational New Drug research projects (IND #4,04l and #14,603) relating to the “Use of Chelating Agent DTPA in Removal of Radionuclides,” specifically to be available for any emergencies at the South Texas Nuclear Project close to Houston. 

In 2000, Dr. Trowbridge was re-elected as a Director of GLCCM and appointed Editor of their newsletter; in 2001, the society changed its name to the International College of Integrative Medicine (ICIM).  He was elected in 2001 as board Secretary, a post he held through 2008, and he serves still as an Advisor to the Board.  From 1988 through 2001, he reviewed, critiqued, and monitored hundreds of clinical research proposals as a key member of the FDA-authorized ICIM Institutional Review Board (IRB).  Over 2 dozen years, he served as Program Chair for many ACAM and ICIM semi-annual meetings.  As an Advisor to the Board of the American Institute of Medical Preventics (AIMP), he actively participated from 1985 through 1988 with their Scientific Committee in writing the protocol finally accepted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the first double-blind clinical study of chelation therapy in peripheral arterial occlusive disease.  The 30+ year history of safe administration of EDTA Chelation Therapy meant that no further documentation was needed.  The research, contracted to United States Army physicians (at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, D.C., and Letterman Army Medical Center, San Francisco, California), was interrupted then permanently abandoned when physicians were transferred for prosecution of the Gulf War in 1991.  One of Dr. Trowbridge’s mentors, Ross Gordon, M.D., coordinated all negotiations with the FDA, and he later reported that breaking of the study “blind” showed distinctive benefits of chelation treatments in the early study patients.

From 1992 through 1998, Dr. Trowbridge served as a Charter Director of the American Preventive Medical Association (APMA, now the Alliance for Natural Health USA, ANH) and as a Charter Director of the APMA Legal and Educational Foundation, 1995 - 1998.   From 1997 through 1999, he served as a Charter Director of the Institute for Health Freedom (IHF), based in Washington, D.C., developing materials to educate the public about the privacy invasion hazards of HIPAA, the so-called Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.  Since 1993, he has served on the Medical Advisory Board of The Arthritis Trust, recognizing his expertise in this specialized treatment program for rheumatoid arthritis/lupus/autoimmune diseases since 1983.  After basic and advanced preceptorship training with Dean Howell, N.D., he was elected President of the NCR Doctors Association, a group promoting a safe and effective non-drug/non-surgical treatment (NeuroCranial Restructuring, developed by Dr. Howell) for migraine and other headaches and painful neck, back, and posture problems, from 2002 to 2003. In 2003, the group reformed as the NCR Research Institute, and he continued as its president through 2011.  He passed the written test in 1998 for certification as a specialist by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M).   His investigations into healing/nutrition/beauty led to development in 1986 of the FACE2 Nonsurgical Facelift® program, a safe chemical-peel procedure with breathtaking results.


            Dr. Trowbridge’s continuing research involves longevity/life-enhancing/”anti-aging” technologies, to “add life to your years as well as years to your life.”  Of his many published articles, one on strategies for dealing with life’s stresses for the Rotarian Magazine, “How to Be the Best-Stressed Executive,” appeared in February 1984 and was reprinted in 19 languages.   In 1980 - 81, he published one of the first “health newsletters” for the public, The Company Doc™.  Dr. Trowbridge has authored the foreword to several books and has written dozens of newspaper, magazine, newsletter, and blog columns and has served as a contributing editor or advisor for several integrative medicine/health promotion publications, including Health Alert:  Amazing Healing Breakthroughs & Scientific Findings by Bruce West, D.C.  His many accomplishments are recognized in listings in over 5 dozen volumes of Marquis Who’s Who®, including Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in the World, Who’s Who in Science and Engineering, and Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare. 

Among Dr. Trowbridge’s several books is Bantam Books’ million-copy best-seller, The Yeast Syndrome:  How to help your doctor identify & treat the real cause of your yeast related illnesses (1986):
“A valuable, timely, and life-enhancing book …  The single information source for everything known about a heretofore unrecognized clinical entity – the Candida Syndrome.” – Abram Hoffer, M.D., Ph.D., Editor, Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine
He was privileged to learn firsthand about the contributions of fungi/molds/yeasts to human illness from C. Orian Truss, M.D., who first described the condition, and from William J. Crook, M.D., whose book dramatically raised awareness of the problem.

Other early books are THE HEALING POWERS OF CHELATION THERAPY:  Unclog Your Arteries, An Alternative to Bypass Surgery (1985, second edition 1989) (also published under the title, Chelation Therapy:  The Key to Unclogging Your Arteries, Improving Oxygenation, Treating Vision Problems, 1985) and DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO (1996), revealing clearly how many patients can avoid daily drugs and the risks of surgery for arthritis, joint pains, and sports injuries:
“But when surgery isn’t needed or isn’t likely to help, Reconstructive Therapy offers many patients an opportunity to do much more than just ‘learn to live with the pain.’”  –David Cech, M.D., Houston neurosurgeon
Yeast Related Illnesses (1987) and STARTING IN MEDICAL PRACTICE (in consultation to Morton Walker, D.P.M., 1987), were introductory writings as well.

A unique audiobook on chelation therapy, LIVING WELL PAST 50: Rejuvenate Your Heart and Arteries, was released in 1998, featuring 3 hours of patient interviews and “plain English” explanations of extraordinary successes.  The Rumble in Humble: Heart Surgery and All that JAZZ!  Modern Diagnosis and Treatment of Heart Disease, published in 1997, reviewed diagnostic and treatment issues in the modern treatment of heart and blood vessel diseases, including “alternative” or “complementary” approaches.  “The Rumble in Humble” program itself was a sizable public forum where senior Baylor cardiovascular surgery professor Jimmy Howell, M.D. – who performed the very first heart bypass operation in 1964 – graciously shared the stage and encouraged people to consider chelation therapy for their heart and blood vessel problems.  Dr. Howell consulted and operated on dozens of Dr. Trowbridge’s patients over the first 35 years of his general practice.  He has contributed chapters to a number of books on integrative medical topics.  Major invited articles on cardiovascular disease have appeared in the Townsend Letter, the Examiner of Alternative Medicine, including “Personal Pollution and Matters of the Heart,” “Chelation Therapy:  Stepping Into the Next 60 Years – A Historical Commentary,” “Managing Cardiovascular Diseases:  Ramblings of a Maniacal Frenetic – Pragmatic Reflections on Helping Patients Understand Their Illnesses and Treatments,” and “Head-On Collision Kills Millions Yearly.”

            Dr. Trowbridge’s recent clinical research is, literally, forging new trails in practice.  Many of his most challenging patients have been newly-documented to be deeply infected with … plant fungi!  “Dr. Google” offers no guidance because these issues have never before been recorded – but innovative treatment programs now produce encouraging results in puzzling illnesses such as severe skin disorders and myriad problems resistant to all other treatments.  These invaders have been demonstrated in patients with leukemia (high blood counts), leukopenia (very low white blood counts), MS (multiple sclerosis), kidney failure, gut dysfunctions, and others.  Another exciting line of research involves the use of recently perfected “allopathic cell preparations” from a federally-registered tissue bank (patented-process including cell-signaling factors, beyond so-called “stem cells” – Dr. Trowbridge calls it “the package that performs”) capable of healing many aging and injured structural tissues (joints, back, neck) and surprisingly restoring functions in other systems as well.

In 1989, Dr. Trowbridge presented a plenary address to the Third International Conference on Chelation Therapy in Washington, D.C., “Status of Chelation Therapy in Treatment of Peripheral Arterial Disease.”  He was trained and awarded a competency certificate in 1984 by the American Academy of Thermology (AAT), as a specialist in medical infrared imaging (“thermography”) for non-invasive diagnosis of blood vessel and other diseases, including surveillance for changes in breast tissues not seen on mammograms.  Dr. Trowbridge was an invited speaker to the 6th International Conference of Integrative and Longevity Medicine, held in 2005 at Taipei Medical University Hospital, Taiwan, where he also presented 4 lectures on basic and advanced nutrition to the pre-conference workshops.  He was an invited speaker to the 25th anniversary International Congress of Orthomolecular Practice and Free Radicals held in 2012 – and again to the 30th International Congress on Orthomolecular Practice in summer 2017 – in São Paulo, Brazil, each time presenting several lectures offering perspectives on “chronic fatigue syndrome,” viral illnesses, The Yeast Syndrome, heart diseases, and chelation therapy for chronic degenerative diseases.  The Congresso is the largest annual general conference for integrative practitioners in the world. 

In addition to lectures in Mexico and Canada, he has given major presentations to workshops and national conferences of dozens of professional and lay organizations, including the American College for Advancement in Medicine, the International College of Integrative Medicine, the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine, the International and American Associations of Clinical Nutritionists, the National Nutritional Foods Association, the National Health Federation, the Ehlers-Danlos National Foundation, the American Medical Association Judicial Council, the New Mexico Osteopathic Medical Association, the American Urological Association, the American College of Osteopathic Sclerotherapeutic Pain Management (ACOSPM) of the American Osteopathic Association, the American Medical Student Association, the Foundation for the Advancement of Innovative Medicine, and dozens of television, radio, newspaper, and magazine interviews.

Dr. Trowbridge was featured as one of America’s “Top Docs” in the book, CHELATION THERAPY and Other Vital DETOX Methods to SAVE YOUR LIFE, published in 2015:

“The one thing I offer as a final message is it doesn’t matter what you have.  If you’re worried about lupus, arthritis, heart disease, dementia, or if your gut is a problem, it doesn’t matter.   We know that toxic metals are interfering in every system of your body.  Just removing them will help that condition, often to the point of not having to take medications for it anymore.”

He was featured as one of 10 contributors to Challenging Orthodoxy:  America’s Top Medical Preventives Speak Out!, interviews by Kurt Greenberg released in 1991:

GREENBERG:  It comes back to self-responsibility.

“TROWBRIDGE:  If you’re going to be healthy at all, absolutely.  If you are looking for the government to protect you from the cradle to the grave, the only think you can bet is that they’ll make the distance between the two shorter.”

He was highlighted as author of a chapter in the 2011 book, The Osteopathic Medicine Advantage:  How Medical Miracles Are Made, by William Faber, D.O., with whom he had trained extensively 20 years earlier, learning advanced techniques to treat many patients suffering arthritis, joint pains, and sports injuries without daily drugs and without surgery. 

Dr. Trowbridge received the “Editor’s Choice” award for his chapter, “Startling ‘Second Opinion’ Secrets Finally Revealed,” in the July 2017 best-seller, MASTERING THE ART of SUCCESS, with Jack Canfield of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series fame – we hit 3 amazon best-seller lists in the first 18 hours of launch!  In-press for September 2017 is another “Editor’s Choice” award-winning chapter, “Why Did I Stumble Past the Point of No Return?” in another forthcoming best-seller, DRIVEN!, with internationally-acclaimed motivational speaker and self-development author Brian Tracy.  For these works, he has been nominated for a 2017 EXPY® Award from The National Association of Experts, Writers & Speakers™ and for a 2017 Quilly® Award from The National Academy of Best-Selling Authors® at the ThoughtLeader® Summit, celebrating at the legendary Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, original host of the Academy Awards (“The Oscars”).  He has contracted to write a chapter in The Big Question, a forthcoming book with the iconic Larry King.  Released in June 2017 is Dr. Trowbridge’s newest book, Failure is not an Option, recounting patient successes quickly achieved with the unique patented-process “stem cell” preparation first made available in December 2015.  [ All these are available from or or other retailers. ]  In preparation for release in fall 2017 is a brief update to his 1986 best-seller, The Yeast Syndrome, with more recent and stunning discoveries regarding deep fungal infections, tentatively titled, Sick and Tired?

            In his “spare” time, Dr. Trowbridge has served as the Chief Medical Consultant to a firm remediating Houston metro buildings with compromised indoor environmental quality, including problems with toxic mold exposure and asbestos.  Another book “sometime later in the works” is based on his ever-popular FLY FOREVER! airshow lectures, describing how airline and private pilots can use integrative medicine approaches to maintain or even regain their medical certification, to enjoy many more years of safe flying, even after disabling illness.  He hosted weekly syndicated radio shows, “Finally Feeling Better! with Dr. John Trowbridge,”  in 1990 and “authored” a series of 40 radio shows from 2003 - 04, duplicated as CDs, “Feeling Better Naturally, with Dr. John Trowbridge,” along with a collection of DVDs for the general public, converted from his dozens of professional and lay public lectures over the years.  He has been featured on cover articles or inside pages of various general circulation magazines.

In February 2008, he was honored by investiture into the Knighthood of the Sovereign Medical Order of the Knights Hospitaller Saint John of Jerusalem – now renamed the Sacred Medical Order of the Knights of HOPE, headquartered in Nevis, West Indies – recognized by the Vatican as tracing its descent from the revered Knights of Malta.  The Knights of HOPE are now formally registered as a Non-Governmental Organization with the United Nations and with the European Commission.  In November 2013, Dr. Trowbridge was ordained as a medical healer (Apostle Ecclesiae) in the Sacred Medical Church of HOPE, a knighthood ecumenical church of special and sacred ministry and medical religious order [Hospitaller Order of Physicians and Ecclesiae].  In June 2014, he was invested as a Knight in the Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem. 

In September 2014, the International College of Integrative Medicine honored him with their Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award
“In recognition of your devoted efforts to further research, understanding, and application of innovative strategies to advance human health through nutrition and pharmacology and your tireless commitment to merge the finest perspectives from the hallowed halls of academe and the pragmatics of private practice.”
An exciting project under development is his Doubt Your Doctor™ book series, where integrative specialists will document alarming revelations about testing and treatment in every medical and surgical specialty, helping patients to become informed and fully participating in any needed care. His flagship volume, Heartbroken:  Top 5 Reasons to Doubt Your Heart Doctor, is in-preparation for publication in 2018.  [ A supporting  website for this series,, is under construction. ]

            At LIFE CELEBRATING HEALTH, near the Bush Intercontinental Airport and across the street from the Memorial Hermann Northeast Medical Center Hospital in Humble (US Highway 59, northeast Houston), Dr. Trowbridge develops and employs his often unique nutritional, hormonal, non-surgical injectable, “stem cell” injectable, anti-fungal/antibiotic, and other advanced strategies to help people “get out of their pain and get on with their life.”   He encourages inquiries from people suffering with long-standing degenerative diseases (requiring continuing medication or repeated operations), including cardiovascular problems and diabetes, unusual illnesses , and those limited by or suffering with headaches, neck pains, low back pains, and other joint injuries or diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, “chronic fatigue,” “Lyme’s,” and other “immune system” disorders.  His years of reliable successes relate to his insistence that “Correct diagnosis is critical – Correct treatment is essential,” because health is your greatest wealth.  Trained as a surgeon, his incisive approach is crisply summarized as “Find it now – Fix it right!?”  The sweeping innovations eagerly embraced by the LCH staff give credence to their enduring motto, which gives tribute to the spectacular dedication of the brilliant engineering and astronaut teams at NASA:  “When life is your choice, failure is not an option.?”

In 2005, LCH was named one of the leading Centers for Advanced Medicine, sponsored by the Advanced Medical Education & Services Physician Association (AMESPA).  Helping older (and younger!) adults recover from serious illnesses and injuries since 1978, he works diligently to deserve the title “Houston’s Senior Specialist.”   Others know him as “The Yeast Doc,” still others as the “Doubt Your Doctor Doctor.”  You can come to know him as your personal physician, enjoying delightful results from his exclusive approaches to resolving illness and restoring health ... ... or DIAL 1-800-FIX-PAIN.
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More for your enjoyment:

Excerpted conclusion from the Editor’s Choice award-winning chapter, “Why Did I Stumble Past the Point of No Return?” in the September 2017 soon-to-be best-seller, DRIVEN!, with internationally-acclaimed motivational speaker and self-development author Brian Tracy:


Past the Point of No Return:  Life Celebrating Health

Correct diagnosis is critical.  Correct treatment is essential. 
Find it now – Fix it rightBecause … health is your greatest wealth.

The lessons in my practice are inspiring:  Opportunities are available right now for both you and your personal physicians, where your focused commitment to insist on better, to discover better, to do better, and to be better can and will produce many of the improvements you seek.  Avoid frustration:  never try to educate someone who resists knowledge at all costs.  Just say “You’re fired!”

The only way to find new solutions is to challenge the ones that exist.  Especially where the final answer offered is, “There’s nothing more we can do – You have to learn to live with it.”  Not so!  You already know how to live with it, you want to live without it!

As a caring and curious physician, I was blessed that I “stumbled” early in my career.  I have been driven to blaze a trail for patients and their doctors, leading to distant horizons of exceptional results with both medical and health care.  The secrets to “doctoring” are easy:  a singular motivation to study intently the emerging sciences, to seek many details from your patients, to ask probing questions then listen intently, to perform competent hands-on exams, and to order and understand advanced tests that unlock the secret causes of inflammation, toxicities, deficiencies, and failing functions … so that they can finally be corrected rather than once again merely bandaged. 

Once past the point of no return, never, never, never give up.

When life is your choice, failure is not an option.?


Excerpted conclusion from the Editor’s Choice award-winning chapter, “Startling ‘Second Opinion’ Secrets Finally Revealed,” in the July 2017 amazon triple-list best-seller, MASTERING THE ART of SUCCESS, with Jack Canfield of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series fame:

C + C  Is Your Goal

            In “the old days,” we used to fear dying.  Now, we fear getting sick.  One major illness or injury – or lingering problems that never go away – these can cripple your activities, paralyze your optimism, and literally steal your assets and bankrupt your family. 

            While many claim they “want to live forever” – or maybe 100 or whatever … what you really mean is that you want to live as long as you remain both …


For too many years, we’ve witnessed our seniors debilitated with aches and pains, where drugs provide little relief, longing for rest of any kind.  Successful medical and health care, at the very least, keeps you living independently and free of misery or discomfort … for a long time to come.

The best doctor in the world is the veterinarian.  He can’t ask his patients what is the matter – he’s got to just know.”  American actor, writer, and humorist “Will” Rogers might be onto something there … but I haven’t found a vet who will take care of me!  So I have had to place my faith in …

2 C  +  2 C  =  A+

            Honestly, there are no secrets.  Mastering success with your doctoring is quite simple when you follow the guidelines presented.  Your responsibilities are summed up as “ 2 C ”:

Curious patient,  Compliant patient.

Plus the doctors you seek have obligations that also add up to “ 2 C ”:

Competent doctor,  Communicating doctor.

Not knowing what ailments or injuries will befall you, faith in the process I have outlined is your key to invaluable preventive and reactive medical care.  When your attention turns to the future, this very same process will lead you to find the best in predictive health care.

Your goal is simple and achievable.  Use the tools presented to enhance a purpose-driven life, one where you are empowered, passionate, enthusiastic, vibrant, vital, and robust.  These rewards will enable you to engage in meaningful and joyous relationships, fulfilling work, and cheerful play.  Keep your eye on the prize!

Remember, the insurance company is not your doctor.  Your spouse is not your doctor.  Your family is not your doctor.  Dr. Google is not your doctor.  “The secret” is simple:  take full responsibility and choose your doctor wisely – there is a Marcus Welby, M.D., for you to find.